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Energy Treatments: Chakra and Reiki Therapy

Energy Treatments: Chakra and Reiki Therapy

At Lena Rose we have energy treatments, such as our Chakra Support with Healing Crystal Therapy Treatment, or our Reiki Pedicure. These treatments have wonderful benefits and can enhance the flow of energy through your body, creating a grounding and cleansing experience. 

What is a Chakra?

A chakra is an energy center in the body. You can think of a chakra like a spinning vortex where lifeforce comes in, and can be shared outward.

There are seven chakras positioned up our spine. The root chakra is at our tailbone. Above it is the sacral chakra, about 2 fingers width below the navel. Above that we have the solar plexus, followed by the heart. Then, there is the throat chakra, above that is the third eye, and finally the crown which is at the top of the spine and skull.

Each chakra has its own vibe, based on what type of energy it is. That vibe is its specific function.

Each Chakra corresponds to specific glands, organs, nerves, muscles, and facets of our emotional, psychological, and spiritual being.

This is why it becomes important to balance your chakras. The mindbodyspirit is linked. If you make a change in any facet; the mind, the body, or the spirit, you make a change in the whole. Through working with your chakras, you make changes in the mind and body. The oils, butters, and essences we use during our Chakra support work are made by Kailo. Take their quiz here to see which of your Chakras might be most unbalanced and in the most need of work.

What is Reiki?

Remember before, when I mentioned lifeforce comes through chakras, and can be shared outward? Reiki is a practice that includes meditation, attunements, mantras/symbols, and mindfulness… Rei is light, and ki is energy, so reiki is light energy.  

And what reiki is known for is the ability to share lifeforce to heal others in unexpected and often profound ways. Practitioners cultivate a deep relationship with their chakras. This allows them to channel love and healing through their energy so that another may benefit from it.

What’s really cool is that you can share your lifeforce in this way with not only people, and animals, but places, and things!

How can you experience energy work at Lena Rose?

We offer different treatments for those who want to experience the benefits of Chakra Therapy or Reiki. Considering booking a Chakra Support with Healing Crystal Therapy Body Treatment, with Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy oils, butters and essences. Using the 5 elements of energy, the infusions connect you to your spirit to restore balance and wellbeing. To begin with, clients are guided through a biofeedback exercise to decide with chakras need the most help during the treatment. Crystals are also used, however the focus is on the products (Kailo) as they have been infused with the energy of the designated chakra. 

Or, try our Reiki Pedicure. Grounding. Cleansing. Clearing. This pedicure incorporates energy healing (also using Kailo Chakra Therapy oils) and is infused with black lava salt, turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and sage for a full detoxification and reset of the system. 

Ready to restore balance and become more grounded, cleansed, and detoxified? Book an energy treatment here.


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