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The Rose Standard: 5 Things We Do Before Approving a Product

The Rose Standard: 5 Things We Do Before Approving a Product

How do we decide what products make it to our shelves? Glad you asked. We're proud to share our guidelines on how we choose the brands we work with. To get to our ultimate goal, we scrutinize every product that graces our shelves to ensure health and safety for our customers. But it doesn't stop there. We also look at sustainability and company values. Like you, we also vote with our dollars so we make sure the companies we work with share our vision for people and planet.


From our values to our ingredient standards to an independently owned business—we look for like minded brands that share our mission and desire for clean beauty.


Ingredients before anything else. Does the product meet our ingredient standard? How are the ingredients sourced? Is the ingredient list sustainable? Do the ingredients match the price or is the product price gauging? Are the ingredients going to be effective for our customers? Does the retail price make sense for our customers?


We are very diligent when a producer makes it to our shelves—we’ve tried a lot of beauty products in our day. Like, A LOT a lot. We still test every single product that goes on our shelves, because not only is it fun, but we must make sure it works. We test each product for 2-3 weeks with a small team of people with varying skin types and skin tones. This helps us to understand how the product feels, reacts, stands up to our criteria for efficacy.


In the lessons of 2020, we learned just how important our small business community is to our economy. By voting with our dollars as a company, we are making a choice for the world we wish to live in—one that supports fellow small businesses like ours. For some of our brands, Lena Rose is the first retail partner they have had. We provide them valuable feedback on customer experience, packaging, marketing, and back bar needs. Helping them grow to meet our needs, helps them grow to meet larger retailer needs.


After we decide to carry a new brand, the passion for what we do ignites. There is nothing more we love than sharing healthy products that work with our community. We amplify brand founder stories and companies that inspire us to be better.


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